The city of Mosul in Iraq was taken by  Islamic State (Isis) on June 2014. After two months,  the Nineveh Christians had to flee to Kurdistan to save their lives.  They were about 150.000 faithful who lost everything but their faith. About 700,000  Christians did already immigrate from year 2000 because of persecution .
After three years , on June 2017,  Mosul was  liberated by Isis . The Churches and some organizations promoted the  return of the Christians and of other minorities  to the villages of Nineveh and to Mosul.
Up to now about 30% of the Christian families went back but 90% of houses and infrastructures are destroyed or heavily damaged. The majority of the Ninevehites would return but after the Kurdish indipendence referendum held  on September 2017 the area presents new problems.
The program reports the current efforts  of the people, of the Churches, of the international organizations in the villages and cities of the Nineveh Plains and highlights their difficulties to return home and their current condition there . The program follows how the families and priests manage the challenge to return to Nineveh and what it represents in terms of faith and of Christian bi-millennial tradition in Iraq . Christianity in Iraq will be annihilated if Christian Nineveh does not  start again . The number of Christians in Iraq today is about 350,000. 
“Iraqi Christians need well-defined support and strong action to save them and help them return to their towns, homes and jobs,” H.B. Chaldean Patriarch Luis Sako recently affirmed . He also said after the Kurdish referendum “ We fear new wars. The Christians will be again victims of these wars. We cannot proclaim our rights to the governments.”
The  Patriarchs of the Iraqi Churches declared in 2014 that "in constitutional  terms, it is possible to establish a province for the Iraqi Christians " but there are no updates about this possibility.



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