After a decade of disasters, Middle East is at a turning point. Following the worst destructions, a change is bound to happen. Rebuilding should finally start now. It's a hope, it's a wish. But how to rebuild the hearts, how to forget the atrocities, how to recover the confidence for co-living among different groups that fought each other? Will the defenceless Christians left there be able to live properly? Will they have any chance to be recognized and respected as equal citizens? Will the Ninevehites be ever effectively sustained to return home? Or they will stay dispersed in other areas after having lost everything but their dignity? The Christians might be definitively annihilated after a bi-millennial history of faith and witness. And it is such a thrilling surprise to read what the newly elected President Trump writes on his Facebook page and expresses all over "Christians in the Middle East have been executed in large numbers. We cannot allow this horror to continue!"  It sounds great good news. The change started. But majorities in the Muslim countries and their groups elsewhere have to change their way of thinking and acting , their fighting each other up to destroy their countries. And they have to drop any plan of forced dhimmitude of the West . Or peace will remain just a chimera. 


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