JORDAN'S CHRISTIANS , PEOPLE OF THE HOLY LAND. The documentary was realized in Jordan by Elisabetta Valgisuti during 2016 Easter. Jordan is a Biblical land and its Christendom is part of the Holy Land. The program travels through the most famous Jordanian sites, Mount Nebo, the Baptism site, the Dead Sea, up to Jerusalem and Palestine in order to highlight the common Christian link in this area. In Jordan Moses viewed the promised land of Canaan before he died , here in the Jordan river Jesus Christ was baptized by St. John the Baptist and “ the Spirit of God revealed himself and descended to alight upon Jesus as a dove” . St. John , the precursor of the Lord , the faithful witness , is the patron saint of Jordan. Many martyrs and saints of the Holy Land came after the Baptist up to our time like Blessed Marie-Alphonsine and Blessed Mariam Bawardi.

The Holy Easter in Jordan is celebrated by the Catholics simultaneously with the Orthodoxs .The visit to the different communities is underlined by the comment of the most important Catholic leaders : H. B. Foad Twal, Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem , H.E. Maroun Laham, Latin Patriarchal Vicar for Jordan, H.E. William Shomali, Latin Auxiliary Bishop of Jerusalem.

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