On the night of  August, 6th , 2014,  about 150.000 Nineveh Christians had to flee to Kurdistan to save their lives after Mosul was taken by  ISIS . They lost everything and have no idea of their future. The documentary reports their stories, their fears, their hopes. The Christian Ninevehites keep their faith and their dignity notwithstanding their drama. 

Because of the persecution the Iraqi Christians underwent since 2004 and after the present emergency , the majority  asks  to leave Iraq. The international community has to accept their request and welcome them. While the  Christian  villages on the Nineveh plain  should be liberated as quickly as possible, to allow the others  to return home. If these two conditions don't take place, we will have to assist to the annihilation of the Nineveh Christians and of their bimilllenarian heritage.   

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